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Psoft Accounting Module

  • Instant posting to General Ledger, instant General Ledger result, i.e. you can enquire your bank balance immediately after entering a customer payment. Able to Modify and Delete any transaction even after posting. Locking facility prevents any unauthorised people from modifying and deleting certain transactions.  Only authorised personnel can access to unlocking. Can handle transactions up to 18 months to facilitate year end processing. Easy entry of Opening and Closing stock to generate Profit & Loss Account / Balance Sheet...

    Psoft Inventory Module

  • Provide different levels of data access security.
  • Real-time update of stock with each receipt, issue of item.
Credit limit control on invoicing...

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IMDA Pre-Approved Psoft Software Solution :


IMDA Accounting Package 1 - Single User    
IMDA Accounting Package 2 - 3-User            
IMDA Accounting Package 3 - CloudBased SingleUser


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