Q : Why should you buy PSOFT ?

Ans. You choose Psoft Business Software simply because Psoft is :

1. Simple & easy  to use.       2. User-friendly and effective.
3. Affordable fair price and suitable for all businesses.
4. More than 10 Years and 50,000 SATISFIED users.

5. Most importantly, Psoft will help your business grow faster...

With the following features:-
1.  AR/AP/GL three modules to provide all the accounting needs up

to the Trial Balance/P&L/Balance Sheet and GST reports.
2.  Two sessions (each about 3 hours) of on-site trainings in the
initial accounts setup, data entry and report checking.

3.  One year unlimited phone assistance & consultations.


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Technical Support


We provide the full technical

support in terms of setting up

initial stage for the chart of accounts, debtor and creditors


We also provide reliable hotline

support for our client who has

any problem in data entry.

Hotline : 62382140



Primary Contacts

135 Middle Road #02-05,
Bylands Building

Singapore 188975.

Phone: 62953292


Fax: 63387164


Email: psoft@singnet.com.sg


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Live remote: Skype



Support Phones

Customer Service:

Telephone:   63325331
Fax: 63387164

Job opportunities:

Telephone:   62953292
Fax: 62993378

Partnerships and alliances:

Telephone:   68482557
Fax: 63389188