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Psoft for Windows represents a dynamic yet timely era of accounting solution.  The useful information at your fingertips gives you a vision of effortless sailing.  Our software enables you to be truly relaxed and gives you the WHOLE picture of your business.
  • Easy, flexible and user friendly real-time system and Multi-company based.
  • Global accounting functions, specially designed for all types of businesses.
  • More than 10 Years experience in the market and 50,000 companies using computerised  Accounting software.
Featured Products

Psoft Accounting module
  • General Ledger Listing,
  • Trial Balance, P&L reports
  • Balance Sheet and plus
  • Manufacturing Account.
Psoft Inventory module
  • Print Delivery Order / Invoice / Cash Sale/
Sales Order / Purchase Order / D. N. / C. N.

Psoft Payroll module

Statutory Reports such as



and payroll Report.


Psoft Point of Sales
A fully integrated POS package that is designed for small to medium sized businesses that handle a combination of products.


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ACCOUNTING         电脑会计

INVOICING              出单系统




PAYROLL                 薪计系统




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